This is a transcript from the original game over page

Game Over

Dominion launched over 12 years ago, and it has lasted through two betas and 74 rounds of gameplay. I never thought when I built this game that it would ever last so long or touch so many people's lives. It has been a huge part of my life, and I agonized over this decision but ultimately decided that the game has run its course.

As many of you who have played for several years may know, my engagement with Dominion has fallen over that span and I simply don't have the time or energy to continue to work on it. I've literally put hundreds if not thousands of hours into this game, and hundreds of more hours into the rewrite that I was working on. I'm extremely disappointed that I wasn't able to complete the new version of Dominion for you, but my level of desire to complete it waned with the declining playerbase, and my level of available time has been in a constant downward trend due to life's never ending responsibilities.

Some of you may be upset or angry about this, and I understand - you play this game on a daily basis and it's as much a part of your lives as it is mine. I'm glad that I have been able to create something that people have cared so much about, and that I have been able to provide it to you for so long.

I'd like to thank everyone for playing, and for your endless suggestions, commentary, bug reports, guidance and commitment to the game. There are many people to thank individually - too many to list. I'm sure I am leaving countless numbers of you out and some of you may be long gone and unlikely to even see this, but I specifically wanted to mention:

Why Now?

A few reasons, really. The game has stagnated below the 500 player mark, and does not appear to be gaining any steam. I've tried advertising to bring in fresh players but, as some of you know, that has not been a successful venture. If anything, I expect that the population will continue a slow decline until the number of players really couldn't support the dynamics of the game. The current numbers have already changed things and I'm not sure it could stand more losses. Many of you attempted to help bring in natural traffic through search engine optimization, and I appreciate the effort and the attempt there. Unfortunately, I don't think the current state of the game really appeals to a lot of people who just happen upon it anymore. It desperately needed an update from the rewrite that was never finished. The last straw was during the round when I found out that Dominion would be required to migrate to a new server, prior to the next round, since the datacenter in which it is present is shutting down. I had to ask myself whether or it was worth the time and effort to continue, and after significant consideration the answer was no. I had been thinking about closing the game for the last several rounds and this was really just the nail in the coffin.

Can't you just let us play one more Round?

No. As previously mentioned I would have to rebuild a new server prior to doing that.

Can't you give Dominion to someone else to run?

In theory. However, while this might be hard to understand, I've worked on this game for so long that I don't think I could bear just simply giving it to anyone else.

Will Dominion ever return?

Nothing is a certainty, but the odds are very low. While I'd love to finish the rewrite and show you what was so great about it and why it was taking so long, it seems unlikely that I'll continue to work on it at this point. In the event that Dominion is ever re-launched you can probably expect an email, but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting.