Dominion - Messageboards Terms and Conditions
Please read the Dominion Messageboards Terms and Conditions thoroughly. By posting on these messageboards, you accept the terms of this agreement as well as the Terms of Service for Kamikaze Games.

Your Responsibilities
Good Conduct This is a game for all ages. You are expected to post messages in an appropriate manner. Foul language and other behavior not conducive to clean gameplay (such as posting of locations or any other player's in-game information) is prohibited.
Kamikaze Games Rights
Absolute Authority Kamikaze Games has the ultimate authority when it comes to all players (and/or posters) and decisions. We retain the right to modify this agreement at any time, without prior notice.
Deletion of Posts Kamikaze Games has the right to moderate these messageboards however we deem necessary. We may delete any post for any reason.
Suspension of Accounts Kamikaze Games has the right to suspend, for any period of time, any messageboards account, for any reason.
Removal from Dominion Kamikaze Games has the right to delete any player without prior notice for any violation of this agreement or any other reason Kamikaze Games deems necessary. Kamikaze Games makes no guarantee when it comes to the game, server quality or the behavior of other players. We are not responsible for any damages resulting by your playing Dominion, incidental or otherwise.
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