Your Advisors
Your advisors give you a detailed, statistical analysis and overview of many things you cannot see other places.

Your production advisor shows you how much you are producing and losing every hour. This is important to determine the capacity of your resource production and your shortfalls.

Your military advisor shows you how much military you have in training, how much military you have out (due to attacks), and when they are coming back. This is important because it helps you to track the state of your units.

The land advisor shows you a percentage breakdown of your land, as well as land you have coming in from attacks or exploration. This helps you better manage your land management.

Your construction advisor shows you a percentage breakdown of your buildings, as well as buildings you have under construction, and when they are scheduled to be completed. Because you often are building to a particular strategy, focusing on building a specific percentage of different buildings, this advisor helps you maintain proper construction.

Your rankings advisor gives you an overview of how you fare in Dominion. Updated once per day, here you can see where you rank against the rest of the Dominion world.

Your magic advisor shows you the spells that are currently affecting your Dominion and when they are set to expire. This is important because many times you want to keep certain spells running, and it helps to know when your current spells are going to expire. It also shows harmful spells that others have cast on your realm, and when these spells will wear off.

The statistics advisor gives you a number of statistics regarding your current state. This advisor gives you information regarding some basic military numbers, but is far less useful than you will find the other advisors.

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