Your Castle and Wonders of the World
Your castle offers you the chance to increase many different facets of your military or income. By spending resources, you can increase different parts of your castle to boost bonuses in the areas you want. Harbor and Towers maximum is a 40% bonus. Science maximum is a 20% bonus. Forges, Walls and Keep have a 30% maximum bonus. If you own a wonder, the current power of the wonder is also displayed here. Wonder power depends on the damage your realm does to a wonder and time into the round. Wonders take damage equal to the amount of UNMODIFIED offensive power attacking it. Wonders can not be repaired. All wonders will begin each round in realm 0, with a starting power of 250,000. Each dominion in a realm destroying a wonder that is not in realm 0 receives 100 prestige.
Castle Improvements
Part Improvement
Science: Extra resources is just what your alchemists need to increase their effectiveness. Using the resources you provide them, they will give you a bonus percentage to your income.
Keep: Increasing the size of your castle keep increases housing, and as such gives you a bonus percentage to your maximum population.
Towers: The towers are the mystical center of your castle. Adding resources to the towers means added tower construction, and thus a bonus to your wizard power. Towers also reduce the damage you take from spells, including Lightning Bolt, Fireball and Disband Spies.
Forges: Forges help to make the weapons you attack your enemies with. Stronger weapons mean a stronger military presence, thus boosting your offensive military power.
Walls: The key to any good castle defense, tall, strong walls help keep out invaders and protect you and your troops from harm. Adding resources to your walls increases your defensive military power.
Harbor: The seafaring community greatly appreciates all the resources you invest in making shipbuilding a priority. Adding resources to Harbor increases your overall food production, and the ship production and ship protection of Docks.
Wonders of the World
Name Power
Portals of Transportation: Troops return 3 hours faster from battle
Great Market: +10% employment and +5% platinum production
Gnomish Mining Machine: +30% ore production
Guild of Shadows: +50% spy strength
Hanging Gardens: +50% food production
Ancient Library / Halls of Knowledge: +20% value to Castle investments
Great Oracle: +30% wizard power, mana costs reduced by 15%
Fountain of Youth: +5% max population
City of Gold: +10% platinum production
Ruby Monolith: Battle casualties reduced by 20%
High Cleric's Tower: Everyone in Realm can kill Undead
Dark Elf Spirit Warriors attacking owner's Realm die like other units
Ivory Tower: 50% chance of causing spells cast against owner's realm to fail.
Underground Society: 50% chance of causing spy operations against owner's realm to fail.
Factory of Legends: Reduces building construction cost by 25%.
Imperial Armada: Boats cannot be sabotaged in this Realm.
Spire of Illusion: Clear Sights on the controlling realm's dominions are now only 85% accurate.
Tomb of Kings: Dominions in the realm controlling this wonder receive +5% platinum production and double attacking prestige gains against monarchs.
Onyx Mausoleum: Attacks against dominions in the realm controlling this wonder suffer 25% more casualties than normal.
Wizard Academy: Reduces spell damage done to controlling realm by 50%.
Golden Throne: Invasion prestige gains for controlling realm increase 50%.
School of War: Barracks house 15% more troops.
Land and Buildings
Military and Invasion
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