Celtillus's Basic Dominion Strategy Guide
Introduction Protection Framework What to Build Calculating Attacks General Attacking Tips Conclusion
The following strategy guide was written by Celtillus, a highly respected player in the Dominion community, and reprinted with his permission. It contains a basic strategy outline for playing the game, useful for all new players and possibly some veterans, to gain a better understanding of the game and how to go about playing it. This is a relatively general strategy guide, intended to give you a good overview, rather than drill into individual strategies that might be more effective on a race-by-race basis. Onwards:

Welcome to Celtillus's Basic Dominion Strategy Guide! Here you will find information about how to get your dominion started, decide which buildings to construct, and achieve victory on the battlefield. These sections assume a basic knowledge of game mechanics, so it is strongly recommended that you read the scribes beforehand to get an underlying grasp of Dominion before coming here.


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