The espionage screen is also pretty basic. It allows you to select the dominion you are targeting at the top. Below that is a simple dropdown menu where you select the spy operation you wish to run. The farther down the dropdown list, the harder the operation. Success is measured based on your spy to land ratio, versus the target's spy to land ratio. Operations cost spy strength. Spy strength reaches 100%, and so long as your spy strength is above 30%, you can make any operation you want. However, the weaker your spy strength is, the more succeptible to spies you are. Every operation you run reduces your spy strength, and it automatically repleneshes a bit every hour. Also, espionage operations do more damage if you are at war with the opposing Dominion's realm. Some operations can only be performed if you are at war with the target's realm, or if the target attacked you in the past 24 hours. These operations include Magic Snare, Demoralize, Sabotage Boats, and Assassinate Wizards. All theft operations may only be performed on dominions with more land than you, and not until the 5th day of the round. Other damaging espionage operations may not be performed until the 7th day of the round. For more information on the spy operations, please take a look at The Operations.

Information gathering operations will be posted to your realm's Op Center. You have the option to delay the posting of this information to your op center if you so choose. A menu here gives you the option to post this information immediately, wait 15 minutes, or wait an hour. By posting information to your Op Center, you and your realmmates can help one another find targets and aid each other when a realmmate is unable to get information they need.

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