Your castle gives you many bonuses, all of which are available at the cost of resources. By spending resources on each part of your Castle, you get the appropriate bonus. Bonuses are instantaneous after you have invested your resources, and the bonuses are less effective as your Dominion grows in size. Thus, a larger amount of resources is needed to keep your bonuses high as your Dominion gets larger. "Invested" is a point system. You can invest ore, platinum, lumber and gems into your castle. Each gem is worth 12 points, each block of lumber 2 points, each ore 2 points, and each piece of platinum only a single point. The difference, should you be wondering, is this: Platinum has multiple uses, notably for building, rezoning and military costs. Ore, on the other hand, is only used for certain military units. The only use for gems, however, is to invest in your castle. This makes Diamond mines the most useful building if you are planning to invest heavily in your castle.

Harbor and Towers maximum is a 40% bonus. Science maximum is a 20% bonus. Forges, Walls and Keep have a 30% maximum bonus. The formula that generates your bonus is logarithmic, meaning that as you increase your bonus it becomes more expensive to keep increasing it.

If you own a wonder, it's current power will be displayed here. Only one Wonder of each type may be constructed at one time throughout the entire World, and the realm that destroys it in it's previous location will become the new owners.

Here you will also be told if your dominion is eligible for a technological advance. Advances are possible when you reach certain levels of research points, based on your land size. When you have enough research points to achieve a new advancement, you will be notified here.

Your Castle
Part Rating Invested Invest
Science: +8.3% income 3,750,000
Keep: +20.5% max population 8,153,342
Towers: +0% wizard power, -0% damage from spells 0
Forges: +0% offensive power 0
Walls: +11.5% defensive power 6,132,700
Harbor: +0% food production, boat production & protection 0
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