Invading is relatively easy to figure out. Your troops have Morale, which is their willingness to fight at their hardest, and they will not go into battle with less than 70%. You have boats, produced by your docks, and each boat can carry 30 troops. To invade, you enter the troops you wish to send, and click invade. If your total military strength * your bonuses is greater than the defensive military strength * bonuses of your target, you succeed. You get larger returns for attacking Dominions of land size relative to yours. Attacking smaller Dominions will net you significantly less land gain. Morale decreases with each attack you make, and refreshes a bit every hour. Keep in mind, however, that as your morale goes down, your defense does not battle as hard. Attacking smaller Dominions will result in a greater morale loss. You may also attack wonders of the world, if the Realm you select has a wonder constructed. Military bonuses do not factor into your attack, and you take different casualties attacking wonders than you do attacking Dominions. Normally immortal/undead units will die attacking Wonders. If you succeed in destroying it, the wonder will become automatically rebuilt in your realm. At minimum, Dominions have defensive power equal to 1.5 * their current land total. There are two restrictions in attacking: 1) You must leave 33% of your defense at home, 2) You may only send at most 125% points of modified offense relative to the modified defense you leave at home in your attacks. This means if you leave 1000 defense at home, the most offense you can send on an attack is 1250. You can send 1250 multiple times, so long as each time you leave 1000 at home. Another important note is how reduced casualties work. All non-unit casualty bonuses are summed together (wonders, buildings, etc) and then capped at 80%. Unit casualty bonuses are then applied to the previous number, with gnome suicide squads still taking half casualties regardless.
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