Your Lands and Buildings
Some Buildings can only be built on certain land types. This is the case for every building, although Homes are built on different land types according to your race. This is detailed below. All buildings except homes and barracks employ 20 people and house 15 people. Barren Land for Halflings, Dwarves, Goblins, Kobolds and Gnomes house 10 people, while the other race's Barren Land house only 5.
Land Types
Type Buildings on Type
Plain: Alchemy
Forest: Lumberyard
Forest Haven
Mountain: Ore Mine
Gryphon Nest
Hill: Factory
Guard Tower
Swamp: Tower
Wizard Guild
Water: Dock
Cavern: Diamond Mine
Race Land Type
Human: Plain
Dwarf: Mountain
Gnome: Mountain
Wood Elf: Forest
Halfling: Hills
Firewalker: Cavern
Kobold: Hills
Goblin: Hills
Troll: Plain
Dark Elf: Cavern
Undead: Swamp
The Nox: Swamp
Merfolk: Water
Lycanthrope: Cavern
Sylvan: Forest
Lizardfolk: Water
Icekin: Mountain
Orc: Forest
Building Function
Home: Houses 30 people.
Farm: Produces 80 bushels of food per hour (each person eats 1/4 of a bushel an hour)
Factory: Reduces building construction costs by 4 * (Factories / Total Land)% to a maximum of 75% bonus
Reduces re-zoning costs by 3 * (Factories / Total Land)% to a maximum of 75% bonus
Smithy: Reduces Military Unit costs (except Wizards, ArchMages, and Spies) by 2 * (Smithies / Total Land)% to a maximum of 36% bonus. Ore costs are affected for all races but the Gnomes. Platinum costs affected for all races.
Ore Mine: Produces 60 ore per hour
Diamond Mine: Produces 15 gems per hour
Alchemy: Produces 45 platinum per hour
Lumberyard: Produces 50 lumber per hour
Tower: Produces 25 mana per hour
Dock: Each dock produces, on average, 1 boat every 20 hours. Each dock also produces the equivalent of 35 bushels an hour due to fishing gains. Each dock will protect 2.5 boats you own from being sunk.
Guard Tower: Increases Defensive Power by 1.75 * (Guard Towers / Total Land)% to a maximum of 35% bonus
Gryphon Nest: Increases Offensive Power by 1.75 * (Gryphon Nests / Total Land)% to a maximum of 35% bonus
Forest Haven: Gives 20 peasants .75 defense each
Reduces losses on failed spy operations by 3 * (Forest Havens / Total Land)% to a maximum bonus of 30%
Reduces fireball damage by 8 * (Forest Havens / Total Land) % (based on total population at home), to a maximum bonus of 80%
Reduces stolen platinum by 8 * (Forest Havens / Total Land) %, to a maximum of -80% stolen.
Wizard Guild: Increases Wizard Strength refresh rate by 1% for every 10% guilds, up to a refresh bonus of 2%
Decreases cost of Wizards and ArchMages by 2 * (Wizard Guilds / Total Land)%, to a maximum bonus of 40%
Decreases cost of spells by 2 * (Wizard Guilds / Total Land)%, to a maximum bonus of 40%
Masonry: Increases ALL Castle Bonuses by 2.75 * (Masonries / Total Land)%, no maximum
Reduces Lightning Bolt damage by 0.75 * (Masonries / Total Land)%, maximum 25% reduction
Shrine: Reduces casualties on offense by 4 * (Shrines / Total Land)% to a maximum of 80% bonus
Increases chance of hero level gain by 2 * (Shrines / Total Land) % to a maximum of 40% bonus
Increases Hero Bonuses by 2 * (Shrines / Total Land) % to a maximum bonus of 40%
Barracks: Houses 36 trained or training military units. Does not increase capacity as other buildings do for population bonuses.
School: Produces EITHER Schools/2 research points OR Schools * (1 - (Schools / Total Land)), whichever is HIGHER.
Temple: Increases population growth rate by 6 * (Temples / Total Land)%
Reduces defensive bonuses of a target dominion during invasion by 1.5 * (Temples / Total Land)% to a minimum of 0 defensive bonus (maximum reduction 25%)
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