Your military screen is where you train new troops. At the top of the military screen you are presented with your current peasant population and military population, along with their percentage of the total. You will draft 1% of your peasant population every hour into your military until your military percent matches your draft rate. Below that, you are presented with your draftee total, along with your ore and platinum total. It takes platinum and ore to train your draftees into other troops. Below is a Human military screen. It shows you the number of units of each type that you have trained, the number that are currently training, the cost of each unit (p = platinum, r = ore) and the maximum of each unit that is trainable based on your resources. In the text at the top of the military page, there is an option to release your troops, which is a free way to release trained units into draftees, and draftees into the peasantry.
Population Value
Peasants: 5290 (26.45%)
Military: 14710 (74.55%)
Change Draft Rate
Current Rate
Draft Rate: %
You have 200 draftees available to train.
Training (Advisor...)
Unit Trained In Training Cost Per Unit Max Trainable Train
Rangers: 0 0 275p, 25r 0
Longbowmen: 10 0 325p, 10r 0
Mystics: 10,000 500 1,025p, 0r 0
Druids: 3,000 500 1,145p, 0r 0
Spies: 1,000 0 500p 1
Wizards: 0 0 500p 1
ArchMages: 500 0 1,000p, Wizard 0
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