The government is where you cast your vote for the King of your Realm. The King has a few special powers, including the power to name your realm, to set messages for the page (the message which appears when you first log in), to declare war with other realms, and the ability to delete messages and threads in the council. The King is also the only member of your realm with the ability to see which dominions are inactive (those who have not logged in within 3 days) on your Realm page. To cast your vote, select the Dominion you want to vote for from the dropdown menu, and click vote. The current totals are shown at the bottom, and only the Dominion with the most number of votes is the King, so long as that Dominion controls at least 60% of the votes currently cast.

This is also the place you can sign up to be a member of the Emperor's Royal Guard. As a member of the Guard, you must pay 2% of your platinum in taxes every hour, but you get special benefits. As a member, you cannot take action against any Dominion less than 60% of your size or greater than 166% of your size. Dominions falling outside of that range cannot take any action against you either. SIZE refers to LAND size, not networth. It takes 24 hours for your application to the Royal Guard to be accepted. If you attack, cast spells or send spy operations against Dominions outside of the royal guard range, or attack a wonder, your application is reset to 24 hours. Once in the guard, you cannot leave for 2 days. Dominions in the guard are also prohibited from attacking Wonders. Further, once in the Royal Guard, Dominions can apply for membership in the Elite Guard. Much the same as the Royal Guard, the Elite Guard differences are that the range is reduced to 75%-133%, and it imposes a 25% exploration cost increase.

Dominions are prohibited from joining the Royal or Elite Guard in the first 5 days of a round.

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