Prestige and the Tech Tree
For every 250 points of prestige, a Dominion receives +2.5% maximum population, +2.5% food production and +2.5% attacking strength. Prestige can be both gained and lost, and can be negative, but can never be larger than your current land size. Negative prestige will have the reverse effect of postive prestige. All dominions start with 250 prestige. Gain and loss occurs mostly through invasion, but can also be done through magic and espionage. On invasions, you can gain prestige by attacking dominions between 75% and 120% of your land size. Your gain will be based on their prestige, however it may not exceed 10% of your prestige, plus 20. If either of your realms have war declarations with one another, that prestige gain will be increased by 15%.

Dominions will lose prestige by attacking dominions under 2/3 of their land size, for razing (attacks that fail by 20%) another dominion, or by hitting a dominion that has been invaded multiple times recently. Hitting a dominion that has been invaded several times recently will result in either smaller gains in prestige or negative gains, depending on the number of times hit. Prestige goes up and down when your troops return.

If you have mutual war declarations with another realm, prestige gains are increased by 25%, up from 15% for a one way declaration. In addition, a mutual war declaration gives 10% offensive strength bonuses and 10% increased landgains. Most importantly for prestige though, during times of mutual war declaration, players will receive small amounts of prestige for spy and magical attacks against other dominions involved in the war, ASSUMING those operations actually do a moderate amount of damage. Thievery operations, however, will never give prestige. The tech tree is a map of advancements that your dominion can obtain as you grow in size. You can obtain technical advancements by reaching appropriate levels of research points. The costs of each advancement will scale with your land size, and has a minimum of 3780 points. Some advancements require others before you can select them. Please consult the tech tree below. If you pick a tech that has the same, but higher, bonus as another tech, as several do, only the highest technology bonus counts. It overrides the lesser bonus (they do not stack). For example, Military Genius adds +5% to attack power, and Magical Weaponry provides +10% to attack power. If you obtain both, only the 10% bonus would apply. You can find a link to your technological advances on the Improvements page.

Advancement Description Requires
Commander's Insight: -10% offensive casualties -
Tactician: -10% defensive casualties -
Military Genius: +5% attack power Commander's Insight, Tactician
Caravan Leader: -5% exploring platinum cost -
Explorer's Intuition: -1 draftee per acre explore cost (minimum 3) -
Explorer's Luck: -10% exploring platinum cost, -2 draftee per acre explore cost (minimum 3) Caravan Leader, Explorer's Intuition
Sleight of Hand: -10% spy losses on failed operations -
Darkness Walker: -20% cost of spies -
Spy Master: +1 spy strength recover per hour Sleight of Hand, Darkness Walker
Magician's Apprentice: -10% cost of spells -
Magician's Awe: -20% cost of wizards -
Master of Magi: +1 wizard strength recovery per hour Magician's Apprentice, Magician's Awe
Farmer's Growth: +10% food production -
Miner's Refining: +5% gem production -
Banker's Foresight: +5% platinum production Farmer's Growth, Miner's Refining
Mason's Art: -10% construction platinum costs -
Forester's Touch: -10% rezoning costs -
Urban Planner: +2% population maximum Mason's Art, Forester's Touch
Fruits of Labor: +20% lumber, +20% ore production, +10% gem production Banker's Foresight, Urban Planner
Dark Artistry: +3 recovery of both wizard and spy strengths per hour Spy Master, Master of Magi
Urban Mastery: +6% population maximum Urban Planner, Explorer's Luck
Treasure Hunt: +12.5% platinum production Spy Master, Banker's Foresight
Magical Weaponry: +10% attack power, +15% wizard strength Master of Magi, Military Genius
Conqueror's Crafts: -30% construction and rezoning platinum costs Military Genius, Urban Planner
Master of Resources: -10% military training cost (no ore reduction for Gnomes) Explorer's Luck, Banker's Foresight
Tactical Battle: -25% offensive and defensive casualties Spy Master, Military Genius
Enchanted Lands: -20% exploring cost, +15% mana production Master of Magi, Explorer's Luck
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