Wonders of the World

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Wonders of the World
Wonder Realm Name Number
Obelisk of Power LaZy ReTaRdZ 266
Temple of the Damned Turned to the Dark Side Are We 244
Temple of the Blessed :Seijin aND NaDeSiCo CORPS: 413
Great Wall We Sail Together 206
Portals of Transportation We fought the HaLL!!! 194
Great Market |,,,,,,,The Lonely Era,,,,,,,| 105
Gnomish Mining Machine We Finaly Made Top 20 with GMM 186
Guild of Shadows Forgotten Realms 278
Hanging Gardens The Garden of Tears 427
Ancient Library Demoniac Phenomenon 290
Great Oracle wanna compare wpa? 90
Fountain of Youth Hidden Catastrophe 296
City of Gold (o_*) \(^_^) *pokes ur eye* 422
Ruby Monolith -Zodiacs- in .Disneyland. 48
High Cleric's Tower ...AI Rebellion 190
Halls of Knowledge EviL CourT of GooD KinG SataN 46
Ivory Tower ~>Soldiers Of Fortune<~ 328
Underground Society Daeminicus Society 402
Factory of Legends Evermeet 430
Lair of the Dragon SegeYalhosXeNFayjeiEmileRabid 329
Imperial Armada Narodnaya-Acidict-Andare Co 179