Wonders of the World

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Wonders of the World
Wonder Realm Name Number
Obelisk of Power ImPoY+Brian+Ian=Pinoy na Tisoy 273
Temple of the Damned Debbie Does The Solar System 210
Temple of the Blessed VooDoo Praests of BLERGH!!! 197
Great Wall No stay in realm SUX ross!!! 228
Portals of Transportation WHORES for hire 127
Great Market Kapamilya't kapuso namin KAYO 316
Gnomish Mining Machine ..to be announced 141
Guild of Shadows yoink! 306
Hanging Gardens HaLL of ARAPAU 39
Ancient Library |=====BYTES=AND=BITES=====)> 156
Fountain of Youth Says 187 - "Peace is lame" 98
City of Gold BEWARE:We WILL retal EVERY hit 144
Ruby Monolith Asmodean Was Here 137
High Cleric's Tower Spiriiiiit Tastes Like Chicken 59
Halls of Knowledge *waves*good bye friends cu R16 15
Ivory Tower Still Standing 164
Underground Society We had Fun this Round 40
Factory of Legends My PreciousSSsssSs.... 116
Lair of the Dragon Rampaging Morrons 114
Imperial Armada I'll AttacK a FLAMEWALKER :P 345
Spire of Illusion It's an ILLUSION. Click NEXT! 80
Tomb of Kings Domination Nightmares 324
Onyx Mausoleum Superheroes on Ice 245