Wonders of the World

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Wonders of the World
Wonder Realm Name Number
Obelisk of Power WE OWNZ JOO! - Sacman 4
Temple of the Damned The Borg Collective (DDA/$) 166
Temple of the Blessed Stormwind 207
Great Wall Storm/Mac like ur barrens ? ^^ 71
Portals of Transportation Curiosity Killed The Cat 270
Great Market Enchanted Lands 201
Gnomish Mining Machine Gnome Is Where The Heart Is 313
Guild of Shadows Even dweebs have sharp teeth 132
Hanging Gardens 101 BINARY CONFUSION 101 172
Ancient Library Sceptrum Caelestis Immortalis 343
Great Oracle Realm of fear 308
Fountain of Youth Reservoir Dogs 323
City of Gold D r A a M z N e E r D s :) 383
Ruby Monolith The-A-List !! 11
High Cleric's Tower (i really don`t care) :-) 221
Halls of Knowledge Zid bi Hul Sab Erin 156
Ivory Tower ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ 55
Underground Society WeDidIt W/O Multies 120
Factory of Legends Land of the lost Muppet 339
Lair of the Dragon O{}xxx[]:+:+:+:+:+:> 75